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This Startup Is Developing Tea, Coffee Infu...

Dec 10, 2019No Comments

Sträva Craft Coffee in Denver has developed a plan to help coffee level up. It’s not a CBD infusion (they already offer that), or grass-fed butter, or MCT oil… it’s psilocybin-infused coffee. On the heels of Denver’s

Archive footage of Psychedelic Swinging 60s...

Dec 07, 2019No Comments

Archive footage of Psychedelic Swinging 60s London Hippie Party with Pink Floyd. From the Kinolibrary archive film collections. To order the clip clean and high res visit Clip ref AB128 1960s London, cool young people

Man with “Pot Head” tattoo is w...

Dec 06, 2019No Comments

Douglas Christopher is a convicted sex offender, having served 3 years in prison almost 10 years ago. Ohio police are looking for him because he failed to register. I don’t think it will be hard to find him.

World’s first magic mushroom nasal spray ...

Dec 06, 2019No Comments

Original source was published on PTSD and depression are two conditions that are being trialled for treatment with psilocybin. The world’s first psilocybin “magic mushroom” nasal spray has been developed. Welcome to the future, or


Dec 05, 2019No Comments

A blind man’s DMT trip report. What happens when a blind man Sees for the first time On DMT ? Plus is it possible to see through objects ? Check the video below:

This Swedish Couple Builds Greenhouse Aroun...

May 01, 2019No Comments

The cold weather in Sweden makes it highly challenging to grow vegetables in the garden, but apparently, there is always a solution. A Swedish couple, Charles Sacilotto and Marie Grammer, decided to build a massive greenhouse

Artist Illustrates His Struggle With Depres...

May 01, 2019No Comments

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory Depression is the silent, invisible creature that eats you up from the inside. You don’t feel anything but somehow, you think you are going deep down into a pit with no


Apr 24, 2019No Comments

In the developing brain, there’s a critical period of time when adolescents learn how to socialize. This critical period happens right around the point of sexual maturity in mice, according to research published Wednesday in the journal Nature. But the scientists

Could Psychedelics Cure Toxic Masculinity?

Apr 24, 2019No Comments

The psychedelic experience is often spoken of in relation to “healing,” that emotions and memories can “bubble up” to the surface, begging the tripper to deal with them head on. It’s a staple of psychedelic therapy,

LSD allows more information to flood into t...

Apr 22, 2019No Comments

New neuroimaging research provides evidence that the psychedelic drug LSD alters the capacity of the thalamus to control the flow of sensory information to other areas of the brain. The thalamus is a small section of