25+ Images That Show What The World Would Be Like If Animals Treated Us The Way We Treat Them

December 14, 2018

The relationship between humans and the animal kingdom has long been one of reliance, where we rely on them for food, clothing, and companionship while domestic animals rely upon us for food, shelter, and love. But, have we taken advantage of this dynamic?

There is no denying the incredible impact that we have on the animal kingdom. With over 1,300 endangered or threatened species just in the United States. We would love to point fingers and blame a number of natural causes, including earthquakes, volcanoes, and more. However, the truth is that we are driving these creatures to the point of extinction with our over-hunting, extensive forestation and pollution.

At the same time, over 69 million dogs and 74 million cats live in homes across the United States. Even the domesticated animals, however, aren’t free from the toxic impact of the human population. Hundreds of thousands of animals suffer at our hands, victims of abuse and neglect, while even more are left alone in animal shelters, abandoned by those that they loved. Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

Imagine a world where the tides were turned, where we were the ones at the mercy of their decisions, actions and selfish behaviors. Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the vulnerability and fear that they would feel in these situations. If that isn’t enough to inspire you to reconsider where your food comes from and whether you need that fur coat, I don’t know what is!

This is the message that artists and illustrators across the globe are hoping to share through their work, depicting situations in which the roles are reversed, and we are at the mercy of the animal kingdom. There is something powerful about visually seeing these situations, opening our eyes and our hearts, calling on us to question the decisions that we make and the way that we live our lives. We’ve put together an incredible collection of just such images.

Here Are 25+ Thought-Provoking Images That Highlight The Truth About How Animals Are Treated In Our Society:

Enjoy the video:

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