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Giving Cops the Middle Finger Is Now Protec...

Mar 28, 2019No Comments

Thanks to a new ruling from a federal appeals court in Michigan, citizens can now flip the bird at any officer without stepping over legal

Scientists find magic mushrooms could help ...

Mar 28, 2019No Comments

Researchers found unlikely heroes in keeping the world from authoritarianism – magic mushrooms. Scientists from the Psychedelic Research Group at Imperial College London showed that psilocybin, the active

All It Took To Clean Up This Beach Was A Fi...

Feb 09, 2019No Comments

As some rumours swirl around the internet that there will be more plastic than fish by 2050, there are also some great stories about local recycling, like

Undercover Cops posing as drug buyers arres...

Feb 08, 2019No Comments

A  huge mistake led to police officers arresting each other. Undercover police went to Detroit and posed as drug dealers. However, thanks to a mess

School Nurses Can Now Give Kids Medical Mar...

Feb 08, 2019No Comments

All they need is a note from the parents and principal. The federal government and human Keebler elf Jeff Sessions may still consider weed a Schedule I

According To Historical Research, Jesus Use...

Feb 08, 2019No Comments

According to evidence found in Ancient Mesopotamian documents, Assyrian Medical Tablets, and in the Bible itself, Jesus used cannabis-infused oil. Comedians love to speculate that

THC Inhaler Lasts Longer Than Vape or Smoke

Feb 07, 2019No Comments

When comparing smoked, vaped, and inhaled cannabis, the THC inhaler delivers the highest level of THC to the blood and lasts two hours before it

Microdosing of drug LSD ‘may improve ...

Feb 07, 2019No Comments

People who take small amounts of psychedelic drugs, such as LSD, may have improved psychological and cognitive functioning, a new study suggests. Microdosing is a technique for studying

Country music legend Willie Nelson launches...

Feb 07, 2019No Comments

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Country music legend and well-documented cannabis aficionado, Willie Nelson, introduced a hemp-infused coffee bean as the first product in his health and

This Is the Homemade Cannabis Oil Recipe Pe...

Feb 01, 2019No Comments

Marijuana or cannabis is a plant whose compounds known as cannabinoids are believed to contain a long list of benefits for the overall health. When