Chill Space

Fully Immersive Installation Art by Oscar O...

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This artist uses hundreds of marker pens to create swirling skies, dense forests, and winding pathways. Any empty space is turned into a magical wonderland.

Massive Dotwork Mandala

Nov 25, 2018No Comments

This one drove me to the brink of insanity. All done with traditional techniques (compass, ruler, protractor…) No digital. It took five 6-8 hour sessions.

Virtual Experience in the World of Vincent ...

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Virtual experience in the world of Vincent Van Gogh. Take a moment to enjoy a video that allows you to explore the world of Vincent van

Coca-Cola preparing to make cannabis drink ...

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Coca-Cola is in talks with cannabis producer Aurora Cannabis to make marijuana-infused beverages, Canadian news service BNN Bloomberg reported on Monday. The companies would likely develop health-focused beverages

Researchers Gave Octopuses MD-MA in the Nam...

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The human and octopus lineages split 500 million years ago, but apparently we both retained the gene for partying. This story is part of When

Here’s a 4-Gram Turkey Joint, Happy D...

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Tony Greenhand can roll $1,000 joints, but today he made a personal turkey for the holidays. The Michelangelo of rolling joints is getting festive this

A millionaire couple is threatening to crea...

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Almost 50 years since US president Richard Nixon declared psychedelic mushrooms illegal and “of no medical use,” mounting scientific evidence suggests he was wrong. A

25 Great Psychedelic Movies That You Must S...

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This is a Great Psychedelic Movies list that you must see. Psychedelia in film is characterized by distortion (both in image and in sound), experimentation

What Happens when Scientists Give Psychedel...

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For all its downsides, animal testing has historically been a fundamental part of the scientific process. Although it is decried by animal rights groups for its cruelty,

This Artist Brilliantly Uses Different Jigs...

Nov 18, 2018No Comments

While many jigsaw junkies enjoy making order out of chaos, Vancouver-based artist Tim Klein breaks the rules by playing the game his own creative way. After discovering