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Portal Mirrors Are The Coolest Way To Decor...

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What better way to spice up your room than with your own made portal mirrors? Inspired by the video game Portals, these mirrors will not

Microscopic Drug Images of MDMA, LSD, DMT a...

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Microscopic Drug Images of MDMA, LSD, DMT and more. A Dutch photographer by the name of Maurice Mikkers under took this fascinating project that allows

Tesla Billionaire Elon Musk Smokes Weed Liv...

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Billionaire, and highly respected man with a reputation for intelligence Elon Musk openly smoked weed while in California where that’s completely legal, on the Joe

‘Hallucination Machine’ Takes Y...

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Virtual-reality devices can transport users to magical realms from the comfort of their own homes, but a new device built by British engineers takes users

Tokyo greenhouse turns into a Psychedelic e...

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t might be time to plan a trip to Japan. A collective of Japanese creatives known as PARTY developed a digital, touch-sensitive and multi-sensory greenhouse

Here is a list of websites that we like to ...

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Here is a list of websites that we like to visit on LSD. Keep in mind this list is meant for those of you who may


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I have seen the center of the universe, and it is located inside a dinged-up clothes dryer in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Swing open the

There’s A Genius Street Artist Running Lo...

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Tom Bob (previously here) refuses to simply live in the world. He’s reshaping it. Creating clever street art on common objects in the urban landscape, he’s perfectly personalizing

Best Psychedelic videos to watch while trip...

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Best Psychedelic videos to watch while tripping The psychedelic experience can be a magical one with the right environment.However, an unsettling environment can be equally detrimental. Make sure that when you

Kagkatikas Secret

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The art duo Quintessenz consisted of Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic based in Hanover and Berlin completed a large – scale installation for the Paxos Conremporary Art Project in the island of Paxos. Spray