Who are the DMT Entities?

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DMT, proper name N, N-Dimethyltryptamine, also known as the “spirit molecule.” Perhaps best known as the active compound in Ayahuasca, is a psychedelic compound known to

A millionaire couple is threatening to crea...

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Almost 50 years since US president Richard Nixon declared psychedelic mushrooms illegal and “of no medical use,” mounting scientific evidence suggests he was wrong. A

25 Great Psychedelic Movies That You Must S...

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This is a Great Psychedelic Movies list that you must see. Psychedelia in film is characterized by distortion (both in image and in sound), experimentation

What Happens when Scientists Give Psychedel...

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For all its downsides, animal testing has historically been a fundamental part of the scientific process. Although it is decried by animal rights groups for its cruelty,

Can Toad Venom Unlock The Mystery Of Neurog...

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2018 has been an incredible time for advances in psychedelic research, including psilocybin mushrooms, ketamine and more, not to mention a landmark year for MDMA and cannabis. Meanwhile, some research

Psychedelic Ethics: The Good, the Bad and t...

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During the past year, I’ve been exploring whether psychedelics can actually make someone a better person; meaning more compassionate, less selfish, more kind and caring

‘Ego Death’ Is the Trip Competi...

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More and more psychonauts are looking for the ultimate high, but some are ruining their minds in the process. “The first time I experienced ego

America’s Trippiest Chemist: Making P...

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For over 40 years, Dave Nichols had government license to make Schedule 1 drugs like LSD and DMT for research. This story is part of

The DMT drug is not a drug, its much strang...

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DMT is a psychoactive molecule and in this sense it is a drug. The title of this article is provocative for a very good reason.

The forgotten history of psychedelics and t...

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Michael Pollan’s study of psychedelic drugs mixing history with a treatise on therapeutic use passes the acid test. “I’ve begun to wonder,” Michael Pollan confesses