Microdoses of LSD change how you perceive t...

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A new study offers some of the first evidence that microdosing – taking tiny, regular doses of LSD – does have measurable effects. Subjects taking

Microdosing of drug LSD ‘may improve ...

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People who take small amounts of psychedelic drugs, such as LSD, may have improved psychological and cognitive functioning, a new study suggests. Microdosing is a technique for studying

Scientist Tells World Leaders MDMA and Magi...

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“The climate’s looking good.” It’s not the kind of topic you would expect to be discussed at the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting in

LSD Impacts Brain Disorders to Heal

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Researchers at Yale and the University of Zurich provide new insight into the psychedelic effects of LSD on the brain and potential therapeutic uses of

The extraordinary therapeutic potential of ...

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Original article was published on VOX. I spent months talking to psychedelic guides and researchers. Here’s what I learned. I had a close call on

Acid Farmers: The Original LSD Producers th...

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The original article was published on PROHBTD. Timothy Leary received his first dose of LSD in 1961 from the legendary mayonnaise jar of “Captain” Al

Welcome to the trip of your life: the rise ...

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Some Americans searching for alternative paths to healing have turned to psychedelics. But how does one forge a career as a guide when the substances

In The 1950s The CIA Sprayed A French Town ...

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In 1951, a French village suddenly became plagued with hallucinations and mass insanity. For decades, it was assumed that local bread had been poisoned with


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Lysergic acid diethylamide. Arguably one of the most fascinating chemicals known to mankind. Since its accidental synthesis by Albert Hoffman on 16 November 1938, LSD has

How to ensure a good experience with Psyche...

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The use of psychedelic plant medicines (or so- called ‘hallucinogens’) has been prevalent since the earliest of times from the drinking of Ayahuasca by the