‘Ego Death’ Is the Trip Competi...

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More and more psychonauts are looking for the ultimate high, but some are ruining their minds in the process. “The first time I experienced ego

Please stop chuffing coke if you genuinely ...

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The plant-based world can be a pretty holier-than-thou place. It’s full of people who think they’re doing more for the planet than everyone else. They’re

Psilocybin mushrooms ground game fundraisin...

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‘Excuse me, can you spare a moment for psilocybin?’ Oregon’s Chris Abrahamsen, 29, has spent his whole adult life raising money for the environment, to

Canada Moves Closer to Legalizing Medicinal...

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The initial results of the drug-assisted psychotherapy project have been positive. This story first appeared on VICE Quebec. The use of MDMA in the treatment

Weed May Play a Role in Weight Loss

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Studies have shown that cannabis users are less obese than non-users. Scientists are trying to figure out why. The day cannabis became legal in Canada,

Weed Seems to Protect Your Liver From the E...

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Though it shouldn’t encourage anyone to start slamming shots after taking a dab​. In January, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control issued new rules declaring that

People who ‘microdose’ LSD and magic mu...

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We just ran the first ever pre-registered scientific study on the microdosing of psychedelics and found some very promising results. We compared people who microdose — that

What Psychedelic Research Can and Cannot Te...

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It’s not easy to strike the right balance when taking new scientific findings to a wider audience. In a recent opinion piece, Bernard Kastrup and Edward

MDMA-Assisted Therapy For PTSD Edges Closer...

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Exciting results from the largest-ever trial assessing MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have provided even more evidence that the highly

FDA-Approved Cannabis-Based Drug is Officia...

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Big pharma’s version of weed is now legal. Real weed remains illegal. The first FDA-approved, cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical drug is now for sale in the U.S.