Utah Voters Approve Medical Marijuana

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Voters in one of the nation’s most conservative states have opted to legalize medical marijuana, With nearly three-quarters of precincts reporting, Utah’s medical cannabis ballot measure

Michigan Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

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Michigan voters have made their state the 10th in the U.S. to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. Proposal 18-1 has been given approval this evening by

Yale scientists have new insight on how LSD...

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The human brain remains one of science’s great mysteries. Recently, however, neuroscientists announced that they’re a little bit closer to understanding cognition and perception, with the

Psilocybin Makes People Feel Better and Smo...

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A June 2018 University of Wisconsin study found that high doses of psilocybin evoked positive subjective effects in healthy volunteers. Twelve healthy participants took part in the


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Mexico’s Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled for the fifth time that the country’s prohibition on marijuana is unconstitutional, essentially making it difficult for authorities to successfully

Dropping Acid Might Improve White House Job...

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Rob Porter stepped down from his White House role earlier this year for allegedly beating his wives, but the Republican Ike Turner might’ve avoided such

FDA Action Suggests a Future for Medical Mu...

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In August 2017, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) designated MDMA a “breakthrough therapy” for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). One year later, the FDA

What ayahuasca — Silicon Valley’s l...

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In this May 6, 2018 photo, Italian national Pamela Moronci attends an ayahuasca session in Nuevo Egipto, at a remote village in the Peruvian Amazon.

MDMA therapy achieves astounding 76% succes...

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Phase 2 trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy hve proven extremely successful, and Phase 3 trials are now underway, with FDA-treatment approval expected by 2021(Credit: MAPS) Newly published results from

Magic mushrooms named a ‘breakthrough...

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This week, the FDA gave the chemical in psychedelic ‘magic mushrooms’ the designation of Breakthrough Therapy Only very promising treatments for serious or life threatening