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When you imagine someone tripping on drugs, you probably picture a person with a dazed expression staring blankly at pulsing shapes and colors only they

Denver, Colorado Might Decriminalize Magic ...

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DENVER, Colo. – If Denver For Psilocybin canvassers can gather 4,726 signatures in the Mile High City by January 7th, a voter initiated ballot measure

What do blind people see when they take L S...

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The consciousness-altering drug LSD is best known for its bizarre visual effects: even a small dose of the drug can turn the flat walls of

Anxiety, meet magic

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From time to time, everyone experiences increased heart rate, racing thoughts and an anxious stomach. It’s a primitive part of our brain working in overdrive,

A millionaire couple is threatening to crea...

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Almost 50 years since US president Richard Nixon declared psychedelic mushrooms illegal and “of no medical use,” mounting scientific evidence suggests he was wrong. A

Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms – A Near Per...

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Cannabis and Psilocybin Mushrooms – Two Very Similar Situations Are psilocybin mushrooms (aka “magic mushrooms”) the next cannabis? Lately, this question has become more prevalent

25 Great Psychedelic Movies That You Must S...

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This is a Great Psychedelic Movies list that you must see. Psychedelia in film is characterized by distortion (both in image and in sound), experimentation

What Happens when Scientists Give Psychedel...

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For all its downsides, animal testing has historically been a fundamental part of the scientific process. Although it is decried by animal rights groups for its cruelty,

How the mushroom dream of a ‘long-haired ...

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The epiphany that mushrooms could help save the world’s ailing bee colonies struck Paul Stamets while he was in bed. “I love waking dreams,” he

Psilocybin Could Be Legal for Therapy by 20...

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The psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms could soon be legal to use in a clinical setting. For the first time in U.S. history, a psychedelic