This Startup Is Developing Tea, Coffee Infu...

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Sträva Craft Coffee in Denver has developed a plan to help coffee level up. It’s not a CBD infusion (they already offer that), or grass-fed butter,

Archive footage of Psychedelic Swinging 60s...

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Archive footage of Psychedelic Swinging 60s London Hippie Party with Pink Floyd. From the Kinolibrary archive film collections. To order the clip clean and high

World’s first magic mushroom nasal spray ...

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Original source was published on PTSD and depression are two conditions that are being trialled for treatment with psilocybin. The world’s first psilocybin “magic


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A blind man’s DMT trip report. What happens when a blind man Sees for the first time On DMT ? Plus is it possible to

Could Psychedelics Cure Toxic Masculinity?

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The psychedelic experience is often spoken of in relation to “healing,” that emotions and memories can “bubble up” to the surface, begging the tripper to

LSD allows more information to flood into t...

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New neuroimaging research provides evidence that the psychedelic drug LSD alters the capacity of the thalamus to control the flow of sensory information to other

Bicycle Day, Albert Hofmann And The Acciden...

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The day that has been dubbed Bicycle Day does have to do with a trip. However, it isn’t exactly in reference to a literal bicycle

LSD Brings Your Brain to the Edge of Chaos

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This new LSD study is like an acid trip all on its own. This article originally appeared on VICE US One Saturday in 1964, neurologist

Here are 6 psychedelic trips from legal dru...

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Where there’s a law, there’s always someone finding a way around it. For people who like to experiment with drugs, that law is probably the

Investors are starting to bet big on psyche...

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Psychedelic substances were once viewed as “drugs of abuse,” but now regulators and investors are coming around to their potential therapeutic uses.  Federal regulators just