How to ensure a good experience with Psyche...

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The use of psychedelic plant medicines (or so- called ‘hallucinogens’) has been prevalent since the earliest of times from the drinking of Ayahuasca by the

Alcoholics Anonymous: How LSD Almost Became...

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On a December day in 1960, Baptist minister Reverend William Potoroka had one of the most transcendent spiritual experiences of his life. It was an

MDMA makes you more likely to cooperate, bu...

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MDMA, THE MAIN ingredient in ecstasy, makes humans more likely to cooperate – but only with trustworthy people – researchers have said in the first

Is Ketamine Replacing Other Club Drugs?

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Daniel Saynt, who runs the New York nightclub NSFW and organizes the physician-led responsible drug use class “Just Say Know,” had gotten burnt out from traditional party

LSD-Assisted Hypnosis Might Become a Thing

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A study published in the July edition of the Journal of Psychopharmacology delved into the commonalities and therapeutic implications surrounding psychedelics and hypnosis. Clément E. Lemercier of

Here is a list of websites that we like to ...

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Here is a list of websites that we like to visit on LSD. Keep in mind this list is meant for those of you who may

Did An Acid Trip Change Your Life? Scientis...

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A new study will explore the philosophical and therapeutic effects of hallucinogenic drugs. Don’t we all just have that friend that won’t shut up about that


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Steve Hupp was a stone-cold career criminal. And by his own admission, he was “damn good at it,” too. “I was a bank robber, a

I Smoked DMT 600 Times in Three Years

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Dick Khan is not what you might expect from a man who has expanded his consciousness to the furthest reaches. Cropped grey hair, clean shaven,

Jeff Goldblum describes taking acid, mescal...

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Jeff Goldblum has opened up about his experiences taking psychedelic drugs, happily remembering getting “pathetically high” in the early ’70s. The Jurassic Park star is the latest