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Guy Turns Dirty Cars Into Incredible Works ...

Sep 11, 2018No Comments

Artist and illustrator Nikita Golubev has figured out how to utilize filthy cars the results are brilliant. For the last several weeks he’s been on a crusade transforming the streets of Moscow by scraping images onto filthy surfaces of

Infinity Mirrored Room By Yayoi Kusama Give...

Sep 10, 2018No Comments

Eccentric Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s intriguing art installation at the David Zwirner gallery in New York tussles with a tough concept that most of us have a difficult time wrapping our heads around – infinity. Her

Portal Mirrors Are The Coolest Way To Decor...

Sep 10, 2018No Comments

What better way to spice up your room than with your own made portal mirrors? Inspired by the video game Portals, these mirrors will not only make your room look more playful, but also give it

Weed Seems to Protect Your Liver From the E...

Sep 10, 2018No Comments

Though it shouldn’t encourage anyone to start slamming shots after taking a dab​. In January, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control issued new rules declaring that intoxicating drinks cannot be infused with marijuana. Of course, that isn’t going to

Shrooms are the safest Drug you can take

Sep 10, 2018No Comments

Magic mushrooms are safer, even, than smoking weed. Magic mushrooms, the psychedelic drug that can help treat anxiety and depression and could help with addiction, are the safest recreational drug you can take. That’s according to the annual Global Drug Survey, which

Have You Met Aliens On Psychedelics? If So ...

Sep 09, 2018No Comments

DMT users commonly report meeting aliens, entities and elves. The phenomenon happens so frequently that Johns Hopkins have decided to investigate. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is a molecule found in plants, animals and even the human body. When

The new science of psychedelics

Sep 09, 2018No Comments

Once dismissed as a hippie indulgence, drugs such as LSD are now at the front line of research into depression and anxiety. Could psychedelics actually make us better people? Seventy-five years ago, in April 1943, the

Microscopic Drug Images of MDMA, LSD, DMT a...

Sep 09, 2018No Comments

Microscopic Drug Images of MDMA, LSD, DMT and more. A Dutch photographer by the name of Maurice Mikkers under took this fascinating project that allows us to see what some of the world most popular drugs

First ever trials on the effects of microdo...

Sep 08, 2018No Comments

In Silicon Valley they say taking tiny amounts of the hallucinogenic drug increases creativity and productivity, but is it all in the mind? Silicon Valley geeks say it sharpens their thinking and enhances creativity. Other people


Sep 08, 2018No Comments

Microdosing is pushing psychedelic use back into the mainstream, breathing new life into the psychedelic conversation. Its benefits for productivity, creativity, and personal growth are rewriting the stereotypical psychedelic image. In case you are unfamiliar with the