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Sizzle Pie/Magical Butter Infused Pizza

Sep 07, 2018No Comments

To celebrate their love of keeping it weird in Portland, Oregon and the growing popularity of cannabis nationwide, pizza favorite Sizzle Pie united with Magical Butter, The Daily Leaf and Green Screen Media to manifest a

Tesla Billionaire Elon Musk Smokes Weed Liv...

Sep 07, 2018No Comments

Billionaire, and highly respected man with a reputation for intelligence Elon Musk openly smoked weed while in California where that’s completely legal, on the Joe Rogan podcast recently. This is controversial because unlike California, Washington, Oregon,

Study finds religion influences how you exp...

Sep 07, 2018No Comments

New research provides evidence that a person’s religious beliefs can shape their experiences with psychedelic drugs like LSD and psilocybin mushrooms. The findings were published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. “I first developed interest in psychedelic

‘Hallucination Machine’ Takes Y...

Sep 06, 2018No Comments

Virtual-reality devices can transport users to magical realms from the comfort of their own homes, but a new device built by British engineers takes users on a different kind of trip: It lets people experience the

What It’s Like to Take LSD in High Se...

Sep 06, 2018No Comments

Prison involves many things associated with bad trips: enclosed spaces, law enforcement, and violent people who might fuck with your psychedelic-stuffed head. For prisoners, though, a hit of LSD can expand the mind, as well as

FDA Approves Magic Mushrooms For Treating D...

Sep 06, 2018No Comments

The Food and Drug Administration has taken an active role in approving new therapies to treat depression this week. On August 23, the Inquisitr reported that the FDA approved a new form of transcranial magnetic stimulation to help

California Passes Bill To Expunge Old Marij...

Sep 05, 2018No Comments

It’s estimated that more than 218,000 cases could be eligible if Gov. Jerry Brown signs it into law. California lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday that provides a legal framework to wipe out previous marijuana convictions. The state’s

A startup backed by Peter Thiel has churned...

Sep 05, 2018No Comments

An under-the-radar company has made enough of the active ingredient in magic mushrooms to send 20,000 people on a trip. Compass Pathways, which is based in London and boasts an advisory board of esteemed scientists, is

Tokyo greenhouse turns into a Psychedelic e...

Sep 05, 2018No Comments

t might be time to plan a trip to Japan. A collective of Japanese creatives known as PARTY developed a digital, touch-sensitive and multi-sensory greenhouse in Tokyo’s Midtown Grass Square. Dubbed “Digital Vegetables,” the psychedelic installation features a

10 Mantras That Will Get You Immense Peace ...

Sep 04, 2018No Comments

If you read the word “mantra” and think of a phrase that is repeated over and over again during a meditation session, you have a basic grasp of what a mantra is. For example, the ancient