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We Now Have Evidence That a Marijuana Compo...

Sep 03, 2018No Comments

It helps “normalize” their brain activity. MIND CONTROL. Some people recreationally partake in cannabis to free their minds. But the plant’s non-intoxicating compound, cannabidiol (CBD), might actually be able to help others rein their minds in. According to

How LSD Makes Your Brain One With The Unive...

Aug 29, 2018No Comments

Some users of LSD say one of the most profound parts of the experience is a deep oneness with the universe. The hallucinogenic drug might be causing this by blurring boundaries in the brain, too. The

Your Brain On Psilocybin Might Be Less Depr...

Aug 29, 2018No Comments

Magic mushrooms are said to blow your mind, but the hallucinogenic chemical psilocybin, the active ingredient, actually reins in key parts of the brain, according to two new studies. The memorably vivid emotional experiences reported by

Study Finds No Link Between Hallucinogens A...

Aug 29, 2018No Comments

How risky are psychedelic drugs to mental health? Not nearly as much as you might have imagined. People who had taken LSD, psilocybin (the brain-bending chemical in magic mushrooms) or mescaline at any time in their

Here is a list of websites that we like to ...

Aug 28, 2018No Comments

Here is a list of websites that we like to visit on LSD. Keep in mind this list is meant for those of you who may find yourself around a computer with nothing else to do and

LSD liberated me from the prison I had buil...

Aug 28, 2018No Comments

I was twenty years old, freshly (dropped) out of college, and a couple months removed from my first drink. I bloomed into rebellion later than most, because I grew up in the shadow of my sister’s

This Parasite Drugs Its Hosts With the Psyc...

Aug 28, 2018No Comments

Imagine emerging into the sun after 17 long years spent lying underground, only for your butt to fall off. That ignominious fate regularly befalls America’s cicadas. These bugs spend their youth underground, feeding on roots. After

MDMA Makes Octopuses Want to Mingle, Too

Aug 27, 2018No Comments

A neuroscientist and a marine biologist got together and decided to give octopuses MDMA. It sounds like a joke, but it really happened, and the results reveal something unique about our neurocircuitry and human evolution. Eric


Aug 25, 2018No Comments

I have seen the center of the universe, and it is located inside a dinged-up clothes dryer in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Swing open the door and there’s a smooth metal chute leading into dim purple

There’s A Genius Street Artist Running Lo...

Aug 25, 2018No Comments

Tom Bob (previously here) refuses to simply live in the world. He’s reshaping it. Creating clever street art on common objects in the urban landscape, he’s perfectly personalizing his boring surroundings. Whether it’s turning a pipe into an anteater