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Isolated Island with Strange Plant Life is ...

Jan 16, 2019No Comments

Nestled within the blue waters of the Indian Ocean is Socotra, a small island that’s an offshore territory of Yemen. Located 220 miles from the mainland, the isolated environment is home to many unique flora and


I took MDMA with my family so we could talk...

Jan 15, 2019No Comments

Original article was published on ( VICE ) . I sat down with a life coach to discuss what her experiences with MDMA have taught her about building better relationships. New York City’s latest Horizons Psychedelic Conference took


LSD Impacts Brain Disorders to Heal

Jan 15, 2019No Comments

Researchers at Yale and the University of Zurich provide new insight into the psychedelic effects of LSD on the brain and potential therapeutic uses of the drug. Psychedelic drug impacts human consciousness, particularly perception, and is


18 yr-old girl pleads guilty to sneaking 39...

Jan 15, 2019No Comments

A teenaged girl from Sydney, Tina Phan, that was arrested at the Knockout Games of Destiny Music Festival in Australia for attempting to smuggle roughly four hundred ecstasy pills inside of her body into the event,


Cannabis Gum For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief U...

Jan 13, 2019No Comments

29 States (and DC) have legalized marijuana for medicinal use, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). That means millions of people suffering from chronic pain have access to a new way to relieve their suffering.


Three-Day Woodstock Festival From Original ...

Jan 13, 2019No Comments

Following months—and even years—of speculation, the plans for the 50th anniversary of Woodstock are coming into focus. In a piece published on Wednesday morning by Rolling Stone, original Woodstock organizer Michael Lang officially confirmed that a celebration of the iconic festival’s 50th anniversary in 2019 will take


Coloring Book Celebrates Mathematical Beaut...

Jan 12, 2019No Comments

Original article was published on MyModernMet. Rafael Araujo’s hand-drawn Golden Ratio illustrations are a beautiful fusion of art with science. For the past 40 years, the Venezuelan architect and illustrator has been perfecting his amazing drawings that are


The extraordinary therapeutic potential of ...

Jan 11, 2019No Comments

Original article was published on VOX. I spent months talking to psychedelic guides and researchers. Here’s what I learned. I had a close call on the second night of the ayahuasca ceremony. I saw my teenage


Cannabis Honey is a Superfood We Should All...

Jan 10, 2019No Comments

So delicious. So nutritious.  Cannabis honey is the food you need to be eating for your overall health.  Honey is the only food that can’t spoil and has been used as a medicinal supplement the world


Shoppers Drug Mart Is Canada’s Newest Can...

Jan 09, 2019No Comments

Shoppers Drug Mart is now the latest in a growing list of legal weed dealers, having officially launched cannabis sales today, January 8. Just don’t expect to see OG Kush next to the baby aspirin anytime