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According To Historical Research, Jesus Use...

Feb 08, 2019No Comments

According to evidence found in Ancient Mesopotamian documents, Assyrian Medical Tablets, and in the Bible itself, Jesus used cannabis-infused oil. Comedians love to speculate that Jesus didn’t have magic powers, but rather he was a savvy

THC Inhaler Lasts Longer Than Vape or Smoke

Feb 07, 2019No Comments

When comparing smoked, vaped, and inhaled cannabis, the THC inhaler delivers the highest level of THC to the blood and lasts two hours before it starts to drop. A report published in JAMA Psychiatry, called Marijuana as Medicine: Assessing

Microdosing of drug LSD ‘may improve ...

Feb 07, 2019No Comments

People who take small amounts of psychedelic drugs, such as LSD, may have improved psychological and cognitive functioning, a new study suggests. Microdosing is a technique for studying the behaviour of drugs in humans through taking extremely low dosages. 

Country music legend Willie Nelson launches...

Feb 07, 2019No Comments

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Country music legend and well-documented cannabis aficionado, Willie Nelson, introduced a hemp-infused coffee bean as the first product in his health and wellness line, “Willie’s Remedy.”  The coffee is infused with “certified organic,

This Is the Homemade Cannabis Oil Recipe Pe...

Feb 01, 2019No Comments

Marijuana or cannabis is a plant whose compounds known as cannabinoids are believed to contain a long list of benefits for the overall health. When they enter the body, they attach to already existing receptors. According

Japan Is Giving Away Abandoned Houses for F...

Feb 01, 2019No Comments

This article originally appeared on VICE AU. Good news, struggling millennial homebuyer: you’re moving to Japan. Why? Because the sushi’s fresh, the weather’s nice, and the houses are free. An increasing number of unoccupied properties around

Doctor and policeman has called for MDMA to...

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With a global eye on ecstasy, the world is starting to recognize the unstoppable force that it is MDMA. Acclaimed Australian Doctor Alex Wodak has publicly announced that a movement must happen to make it where

Scientists Think They’ve Finally Figu...

Feb 01, 2019No Comments

Since its discovery in 1938, the drug LSD — that’s lysergic acid diethylamide — has puzzled researchers. They knew the drug had a profound effect on people, causing hallucinations and an altered state of consciousness, but they

A Beautiful Documentary About the Yamabushi...

Feb 01, 2019No Comments

In the short documentary “Mountain Monks”, filmmaker Fritz Schumann (previously) has captured the quiet beauty of the Yamabushi and the monks who climb mountains and traverse waterfalls without shoes on their feet in a meaningful ritual that symbolizes death and rebirth.

Stunning images of snowy owl caught by Mont...

Feb 01, 2019No Comments

The Canadian bird was captured in full flight while looking for a spot to perch. A traffic camera has captured a spectacular image of a snowy owl in full flight. The picture is one of a series taken by