Sizzle Pie/Magical Butter Infused Pizza

September 7, 2018

To celebrate their love of keeping it weird in Portland, Oregon and the growing popularity of cannabis nationwide, pizza favorite Sizzle Pie united with Magical Butter, The Daily Leaf and Green Screen Media to manifest a highly-ambitious slice of heaven: a pizza with legendary doses of cannabis and extract that can put even a seasoned stoner into a simultaneous food and weed coma.


Sizzle Pie, which first opened in 2011, was begun by a couple of art and music aficionados who wanted to explore their passion for pizza and has grown in just seven years to become a top name in casual dining. Being from the art community, they believe, like most do, that cannabis should never have been made illegal, and are ecstatic to be part of the cultural shift revolving around its legalization in Oregon. Making a game-changing pizza wasn’t enough for these guys; they wanted to be part of the new Portland Pot Paradigm.

The crew utilized the Magical Butter machine for their endeavor. Magical Butter is the world’s first at-home extractor, making it easy for anyone with a higher vision for their food to extract and infuse using their chosen buds. Using a full stick of infused butter, they got to work. In the end, 700mg of extracted THC went into the pizza sauce, 300mg THC into truffle oil, and 3 grams of CBD isolate was combined with the cheese for a well-rounded experience that they will never forget. Though, the memory may be a bit hazy.

The Daily Leaf and Green Screen media were there to document the mission, and to partake in the fruits of this labor of love. The Daily Leaf is a third-party company which specializes in connecting cannabis consumers with the best prices and products in the region, while Green Screen Media is a commercial video production company that focuses on legitimatizing the cannabis market with high-quality broadcast-ready video content.

Sizzle Pie takes pride in their history of feeding the munchies of red-eyed angels, and while the companionship between pizza and cannabis is obvious, Sizzle Pie strives to put foster a menu and an atmosphere that can entertain anyone and everyone. Whether stoner or loner, punk or normie, funky fresh freak or full-fledged family, everyone is welcome. It’s their goal to offer plenty of delicious options to each person that comes through the door. But like the sun and moon, day and night, yin and yang, Sizzle Pie knows that pizza and weed are cosmic siblings, gifted to us from the Heavens.

Needless to say, with a pizza as fully-loaded as the one these guys made, those two divine indulgences came together to become something truly special. The thousands of milligrams of THC didn’t overwhelm the taste of the pie, but its effects became unmistakable soon after the crew chowed down, creating an epic moment for all involved; one they won’t soon forget. Though, the memory may be a little hazy.

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