What Is THC Lean And Why Is It So Good?

December 23, 2018

If you haven’t heard of Purple Drank then you obviously don’t listen to Hip Hop. Purple Drank is specifically pharmaceutical level cough syrup mixed with Mountain Dew or some other flavored liquid. Drinking it gives you a euphoric and somewhat drunk feeling. It originates from the Houston area sometime in the 1990s.

It’s a “legal way” to get high. However, it’s also hazardous to your health over time and some cases, it’s been lethal.

But what if there was another way to get Crunked up on some Syrup without all the negative side effects. Well, there is.

What Is THC Lean?

THC Lean is basically Purple Drank but made with weed. It’s meant to be mixed into drinks to give you a buzz without having to smoke weed.

Depending on the strength of the specific concoction, a bit of THC lean can turn your morning smoothie into a healthy way to Wake N Bake. Seeing that the THC has been activated and that it’s in a liquid form, you’ll feel the effects faster than with typical edibles.

Furthermore, understanding the proper dosage of Weed lean, you’ll be able to regulate your high quite nicely. Eventually you’d learn how to dose for specific scenarios.

“Mmm, time for bed, better have 5 drops of Weed Lean”

There’s Also CBD Lean

Similarly to THC Lean, you’ve got the Non-psychoactive alternative CBD Lean. This is a perfect way for medical patients to medicate with this simple infusion method.

You’ll have to check the concentration of CBD per concoction, but this method allows you to infuse your foods and drinks with beneficial CBD.

What Are The Benefits Of Weed Lean?

The obvious benefit of having THC in liquid form is that you can virtually turn any drink into a “happy drink”. Seeing that any drink would be able to be infused, this also makes public consumption of cannabis a real possibility.

Hell, you’d be able to stand in the middle of a Cop Convention getting baked out of your mind and no one would be the wiser.

This is we were to look at it from a recreational perspective.

From the medical perspective, we have infinite possibilities on how THC lean can be beneficial. For starters, people who don’t like to smoke cannabis would be able to turn their beverages into medicine. This by simply pouring in a bit of THC lean and stirring it.

Furthermore, this would be an excellent way for people who need to ingest high amounts of THC/CBD to do so. By people who require high doses of THC we’re referring to cancer patients and people suffering from chronic pain.

Since you feel the THC quicker and with similar duration of effects as edibles, it’s something that can carry you through the day. Whenever you start feeling pain again, just mix a bit more into a smoothie and medicate.

THC Lean is a practical approach and a much safer alternative to Purple Drank. If you’re on the drank, try some Lean instead.


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